2019-20 Investor Level

Thank you to those families who have raised between $1,600 to $2,399 during this campaign year. Thank you for your generous contributions.
Note, list is sorted by school then last name.

Anonymous (2)Ashley Falls
The Abalos FamilyAshley Falls
The Cai FamilyAshley Falls
The Desai FamilyAshley Falls
The Dieter FamilyAshley Falls
Shannon and Mark FederAshley Falls
Jesse and Makoto FergusonAshley Falls
Jess and Ryan GordonAshley Falls
The Hayden FamilyAshley Falls
The Hood FamilyAshley Falls
Brady Huang and Linda LiuAshley Falls
Mr. and Mrs. LiaoAshley Falls
The Osgood FamilyAshley Falls
The Paglia-Kirkpatrick FamilyAshley Falls
The Sanger FamilyAshley Falls
Sue & Alan SaportaAshley Falls
The Shih FamilyAshley Falls
Debbie and Darren SigalAshley Falls
Jackie and Jason SkolnikAshley Falls
The Spiegel FamilyAshley Falls
David and Nadine WeiskopfAshley Falls
AnonymousCarmel Del Mar
Sergii and Daria AltukhovaCarmel Del Mar
The Bonnet FamilyCarmel Del Mar
Brett and Crisette ChurchCarmel Del Mar
The Terry Wang FamilyCarmel Del Mar
The Erbisti FamilyCarmel Del Mar
Diganta GhoshCarmel Del Mar
The Loftsgard FamilyCarmel Del Mar
Carolyn MazzitelliCarmel Del Mar
Jeannie ZiffCarmel Del Mar
AnonymousDel Mar Heights
The Amukele FamilyDel Mar Heights
Douglas and Amanda Barry Del Mar Heights
Thayer Christensen and Kim NguyenDel Mar Heights
Julie and  Brett CrosbyDel Mar Heights
Amy and Ryan FlynnDel Mar Heights
Nicole and Eric GrossDel Mar Heights
The Soper-Gupta familyDel Mar Heights
Emilie Hafner-Burton and David VictorDel Mar Heights
The MobleysDel Mar Heights
Paula and David ShawDel Mar Heights
The Tanghe familyDel Mar Heights
The Feldman FamilyDel Mar Heights
Mollie WeitzDel Mar Heights
The Murphy FamilyDel Mar Heights
Richard and Mary YooDel Mar Heights
Jian Shen and Shan LuDel Mar Heights, Ocean Air
Peter Belding and Kimberly Hiland-BeldingDel Mar Hills
The Bryson FamilyDel Mar Hills
The Cavallo FamilyDel Mar Hills
The Chinowsky FamilyDel Mar Hills
The de los Rios FamilyDel Mar Hills
The GalansDel Mar Hills
The Glezer FamilyDel Mar Hills
John and Libby HellmannDel Mar Hills
The Krummen FamilyDel Mar Hills
The Mayoral FamilyDel Mar Hills
The Mizrahi FamilyDel Mar Hills
The Moussa FamilyDel Mar Hills
Shelly and Matthew SkinnerDel Mar Hills
The Vincent FamilyDel Mar Hills
Sonya and Kyle WilliamsDel Mar Hills
The Wu FamilyDel Mar Hills
Htut and Shawna ZawDel Mar Hills
The Zisook FamilyDel Mar Hills
Anonymous (2)Ocean Air
The Arias FamilyOcean Air
Elizabeth and David BalfourOcean Air
Olivier BenoitOcean Air
The Bowman FamilyOcean Air
The Bronstein FamilyOcean Air
The Buckholz FamilyOcean Air
Sukesh and Shreya ChandraOcean Air
Zhenhua and Gloria ChenOcean Air
Zhifei FanOcean Air
The Anchan FamilyOcean Air
The Garibaldi FamilyOcean Air
The Gonzales FamilyOcean Air
Seth and Deanna HillOcean Air
Matt and Jennifer HolderOcean Air
Ray and Kate HongOcean Air
Qinhua Huang and Chunrong PanOcean Air
The Kelton FamilyOcean Air
The Khan FamilyOcean Air
Kim Family and Sunju ParkOcean Air
Sungyeon & Dayeon’s FamilyOcean Air
The Kohrumel FamilyOcean Air
Ohkeun KwonOcean Air
Lam and Anh Lee Ocean Air
The Lerman FamilyOcean Air
The Leung FamilyOcean Air
The Wood FamilyOcean Air
The Mehta FamilyOcean Air
Ryan and Roy Park FamilyOcean Air
The Patel FamilyOcean Air
The Peiris FamilyOcean Air
Peng Peng Ocean Air
The Sallaway FamilyOcean Air
Vay Sam and Deborah FinucaneOcean Air
The Sheng FamilyOcean Air
The Soto FamilyOcean Air
The Su FamilyOcean Air
The Song FamilyOcean Air
Paul and Lisa WareOcean Air
The Sherman FamilyOcean Air, Sage Canyon
The Toman FamilyOcean Air
Anonymous (4)Sage Canyon
The An FamilySage Canyon
The Bartlett FamilySage Canyon
The Berkley FamilySage Canyon
The Carter FamilySage Canyon
Hans Chang and Arwin ChengSage Canyon
Hosea Chang and Sunyoung AnSage Canyon
The ChangsSage Canyon
Bryan and Karen ChenSage Canyon
The Cheung FamilySage Canyon
James and Lani CollasSage Canyon
The Cox FamilySage Canyon
Walker and Renee CurtisSage Canyon
Robert and Kelly DawsonSage Canyon
The Ellinghaus FamilySage Canyon
Heather & Michael EpsteinSage Canyon
The Fertitta FamilySage Canyon
Sara and Yoel GalanteSage Canyon
Michelle and Jeff GieringSage Canyon
Mike and Wendy HagerSage Canyon
Philip Hoang and Weiling ChangSage Canyon
The Huffman FamilySage Canyon
Hyunho BaekSage Canyon
Jill IrvinSage Canyon
Chris Jhang and Vicki FanSage Canyon
The Khairolomour FamilySage Canyon
The Koeppen FamilySage Canyon
The Lee and Cho FamilySage Canyon
The Lesser FamilySage Canyon
Martha & Narasim NarayananSage Canyon
The Sweeney FamilySage Canyon
The Nomura FamilySage Canyon
The Paulsen FamilySage Canyon
Paul Penzes and Rocio RomanSage Canyon
The Le-Phan FamilySage Canyon
The Rietti FamilySage Canyon
Parminder Tripti and Rajiv RoySage Canyon
Andrew and Keri WhiteSage Canyon
Katherine Fan and David YuSage Canyon
Jia Fei and Yuxin ZhouSage Canyon
Supratik BhattacharjeeSycamore Ridge
The Chung FamilySycamore Ridge
The Ito FamilySycamore Ridge
The Kang FamilySycamore Ridge
The Murphy FamilySycamore Ridge
Kenta NakamuraSycamore Ridge
The Reade FamilySycamore Ridge
The Regino FamilySycamore Ridge
The Sargen FamilySycamore Ridge
AnonymousTorrey Hills
The Agarwalla – Vaidya FamilyTorrey Hills
The Albert FamilyTorrey Hills
A. Chang and M. YiTorrey Hills
Helene Martel and Patrick CloutierTorrey Hills
The Cohen FamilyTorrey Hills
The Cortes-Martinez FamilyTorrey Hills
The Dantsker FamilyTorrey Hills
Samith Hatkar and FamilyTorrey Hills
The Huh FamilyTorrey Hills
Jess and Roy JensenTorrey Hills
Aamod and Shruti KhandekarTorrey Hills
The LaSala FamilyTorrey Hills
The LeMoine FamilyTorrey Hills
Art & Mindy LewisTorrey Hills
The Morrison FamilyTorrey Hills
Britt Nesheim and Klaus SchuegrafTorrey Hills
The Ondris FamilyTorrey Hills
Mieu Phan and Michael BrownTorrey Hills
The Sarva FamilyTorrey Hills
The Soifer FamilyTorrey Hills
Kai Wang and Chen ZhangTorrey Hills
The Zhao FamilyTorrey Hills