2023-24 Honor Roll

We gratefully recognize the families listed below, who have contributed to DMSEF.
The Honor Roll consists of the distinguished, significant supporters of the Del Mar Schools Education Foundation. Contributions levels are listed below.

Thanks to generous contributors like you, DMSEF can help fund extraordinary, credentialed STEAM+ teachers for all schools in the Del Mar Union School District.

2023-2024 HONOR ROLL (updated May 21, 2024)

Visionary Contributors $1,000+/student

Recognition School
The Alejos Family Ashley Falls
The Bijlani Family Ashley Falls
The Callego Family Ashley Falls
The Carnick Family Ashley Falls
The Chisdak Family Ashley Falls
Kai Dacanay Ashley Falls
Jane and Biren Desai Ashley Falls
Pfeiffer Family Ashley Falls
The Frizzell Family Ashley Falls
The Gordon Family Ashley Falls
The Gunn Family Ashley Falls
Ting Huang and Huiqiang Wang Ashley Falls
The Kau Family Ashley Falls
Sahar Khatami Ashley Falls
The Mangat Family Ashley Falls
Laura Maselli (Steinberg) Ashley Falls
The Newhouse Family Ashley Falls
Adam and Jami Rosenthal Ashley Falls
The Sachdeva Family Ashley Falls
The Sells Family Ashley Falls
Xinning Shen (Lou) Ashley Falls
The Sicat Family Ashley Falls
Jackie and Jason Skolnik Ashley Falls
The Stephenson Family Ashley Falls
Jason and Tara Tichy Ashley Falls
The Wallace Family Ashley Falls
Hsiao-Tsung Yen and Shuying Liu Ashley Falls
Zhaofeng Mai and Xiaoyan Wang Ashley Falls
Anonymous (3) Ashley Falls
The Andrews Family Carmel Del Mar
Carmen Ballesteros-Merino Carmel Del Mar
The Bonnet Family Carmel Del Mar
The Brahma Family Carmel Del Mar
The Brown Family Carmel Del Mar
The Calzolari Family Carmel Del Mar
Emily Carminati Carmel Del Mar
Yunwan Chen Carmel Del Mar
Dayeong and Daeun Family Carmel Del Mar
The Chrystal Family Carmel Del Mar
Zoe and Justin Ehrlich Carmel Del Mar
The Gunn Family Carmel Del Mar
The Hamada Family Carmel Del Mar
The Hashemian/ Witzens family Carmel Del Mar
The Jorgensen Family Carmel Del Mar
The Konnur Family Carmel Del Mar
Robert Langlois Carmel Del Mar
Lee & Chung Family Carmel Del Mar
The Lelais Family Carmel Del Mar
The Liu Family Carmel Del Mar
The EdaJean MacLean Family Carmel Del Mar
Tomohiro Seki Carmel Del Mar
The Sellers Family Carmel Del Mar
The Taylor Family Carmel Del Mar
Max and Aria Tran Carmel Del Mar
The Volk Family Carmel Del Mar
Zahra Shajani-Yi and Seung-Baek Yi Carmel Del Mar
Soyul Yi’s Family Carmel Del Mar
The Youm Family Carmel Del Mar
Szigethy-Zhang Family Carmel Del Mar
Jeannie Ziff Carmel Del Mar
Anonymous (1) Carmel Del Mar
The Ambrozaitis Family Del Mar Heights
Neelum Arya Del Mar Heights
The Austin Family Del Mar Heights
The Banks Family Del Mar Heights
Timothy Bartling and Jessica Johnson Del Mar Heights
The Bhalla Family Del Mar Heights
Scott and Lynlee Brown Del Mar Heights
Heather and James Duncan Del Mar Heights
Jeannette Estrada Del Mar Heights
The Fox Family Del Mar Heights
The Fulton Family Del Mar Heights
The Gerber Family Del Mar Heights
The Soper-Gupta Family Del Mar Heights
The Hedrick Family Del Mar Heights
The Schmelz Family Del Mar Heights
The Khan Family Del Mar Heights
Michael and Heather Kiesling Del Mar Heights
The Lenart Family Del Mar Heights
The Mahoney Family Del Mar Heights
The Rex Mobley Family Del Mar Heights
Lindsay and Kyle Morgan Del Mar Heights
The Murphy Family Del Mar Heights
Mimi Rogers and Leonie Heyworth Del Mar Heights
The Rosen Family Del Mar Heights
The Sun Family Del Mar Heights
The Delane/Verhulst Family Del Mar Heights
The Walker Family Del Mar Heights
The Feldman Family Del Mar Heights
Mollie Weitz Del Mar Heights
The White Montano Family Del Mar Heights
The Zhou Family Del Mar Heights
The Alexander Family Del Mar Hills
Camil Aviles and Hugh Garrity Del Mar Hills
Ben Barth Del Mar Hills
The Bhatia Family Del Mar Hills
The Butler Family Del Mar Hills
The Checkoway/Thompson Family Del Mar Hills
Kangyup Choo and Seunghee Shin Del Mar Hills
Charley and Christanne Coffey Del Mar Hills
The Doyle Family Del Mar Hills
The Soper-Gupta Family Del Mar Hills
The Hale Family Del Mar Hills
Phil Bennett Hoffman Del Mar Hills
Amy Isackson Del Mar Hills
The Johnson Family Del Mar Hills
Mr. and Mrs. Bae Del Mar Hills
The Lee Family Del Mar Hills
The Luckenbach/Peterson Family Del Mar Hills
The Momenoun Family Del Mar Hills
Christopher and Hedieh Newth Del Mar Hills
The Robertson Family Del Mar Hills
The Rosen Family Del Mar Hills
The Sadiarin Family Del Mar Hills
Shah Family for Celeste and Cameron Del Mar Hills
The Spengler Family Del Mar Hills
The Tapalaga Family Del Mar Hills
The Vincent Family Del Mar Hills
Zhengan Yang Del Mar Hills
Anonymous (2) Del Mar Hills
The Ammerlahn Family Ocean Air
The Anchan Family Ocean Air
The Balfour Family Ocean Air
Clarice Barrelet Ocean Air
The Bennett Family Ocean Air
The Bowman Family Ocean Air
Karen and James Chen Ocean Air
Chun-Yu Chuang and Tan Ling Yu Ocean Air
The Cohn Family Ocean Air
The Coyne Family Ocean Air
The D’Anna Family Ocean Air
Leonor Davila Ocean Air
Neeraj and Aditi Deshmukh (Mokashi) Ocean Air
Xia Ding and Yan Pang Ocean Air
The Du Family Ocean Air
The Dvivedi Family Ocean Air
The Fonslow Family Ocean Air
The Guy Family Ocean Air
The Hao Family Ocean Air
The Helling Family Ocean Air
Seth and Deanna Hill Ocean Air
The Jin Family Ocean Air
The Miller Family Ocean Air
The Lam Family Ocean Air
Ho-Yin Leung and Dr. Marie Dizon Ocean Air
The Zhou Family Ocean Air
Vince (Jianhua) Liang and Xiaochun Zhu Ocean Air
Luca’s Family Ocean Air
The Meshkati Family Ocean Air
Mrinal Nath Ocean Air
The Rahmati Family Ocean Air
The Oeth Family Ocean Air
The Oliver Family Ocean Air
The Pan Family Ocean Air
Calogero Presti and Cecilia Stagni Ocean Air
Wen Xing Qui and Xiaoli Xie Ocean Air
The Rader Family Ocean Air
The Rice Family Ocean Air
April Robinson Ocean Air
The Sadeghi Family Ocean Air
Ms. Shao Ocean Air
The Sheng Family Ocean Air
The Soto Family Ocean Air
The Lange Family Ocean Air
The Standish Family Ocean Air
The Vivekanandan Family Ocean Air
The Tu Family Ocean Air
The Wang Family Ocean Air
Yang Xu and Sha Zhang Ocean Air
The Yang Family Ocean Air
Jenny Lee and Jaesung Yoon Ocean Air
Mengbo Zhou and Qi Yao Ocean Air
Zhi Zhu Ocean Air
The Ajmera Family Pacific Sky
Mr. Feng an Guoyun Bai Pacific Sky
The Freye Family Pacific Sky
Diganta Ghosh Pacific Sky
The Hu Family Pacific Sky
The Kan Family Pacific Sky
The Malamant Family Pacific Sky
The Opperman Family Pacific Sky
The Park Family Pacific Sky
The Terry Family Pacific Sky
The Wilson Family Pacific Sky
Li Yi Pacific Sky
The Yoo Family Pacific Sky
Zhang and Jin Family Pacific Sky
The Zhang Family Pacific Sky
The Agarwal Family Sage Canyon
The Aguirre Family Sage Canyon
Sheena and Babak Ariannejad Sage Canyon
Kirsten Badre Sage Canyon
Guy and Claire Cafri Sage Canyon
The Chen Family Sage Canyon
The Chiang Family Sage Canyon
Yuhwan Choae Sage Canyon
Carolyn and Steven Hawley Sage Canyon
The Hsiao Family Sage Canyon
The Irwin Family Sage Canyon
Ketaki Kadve Sage Canyon
Alan Kholos and Tina Hirss- Kholos Sage Canyon
The Kim Family, Mr. Kim, Mrs. Choe and Euan Kim Sage Canyon
Mr. and Mrs. Park. Rosy, Robin’s Family Sage Canyon
Angelina Li Family Sage Canyon
Mehdizad Taleie Family Sage Canyon
The Mesarwi Family Sage Canyon
The Mojaver Family Sage Canyon
Wentao Ni Sage Canyon
Ajay Nirula and Lisa Krijger Sage Canyon
The Osorio Family Sage Canyon
The Phan Le Family Sage Canyon
The Ponder Family Sage Canyon
Dr. Carl and Ali Shangle Sage Canyon
The Park Family Sage Canyon
The Vincent Family Sage Canyon
The Waizmann Family Sage Canyon
Darrin Wong Sage Canyon
The Wu Family Sage Canyon
Seowoo & Jangwoo Sage Canyon
Anonymous (1) Sage Canyon
Janet Anderson Sycamore Ridge
Young Woo Cho and Bo-Gum Choi Sycamore Ridge
Yi-Hung Chung Sycamore Ridge
The Hill Family Sycamore Ridge
The Iyers Sycamore Ridge
The Kuo Family Sycamore Ridge
Sakura and David Lang Sycamore Ridge
The Lee Family Sycamore Ridge
The Maher Family Sycamore Ridge
The O’Neill Family Sycamore Ridge
The Scanderbeg Family Sycamore Ridge
The Sweet Family Sycamore Ridge
The Carter Family Torrey Hills
Helene Martel and Patrick Cloutier Torrey Hills
Anne Cowell and Evan Walker Torrey Hills
John and Aracely Forrester Torrey Hills
Vipul and Ketal Gandhi Torrey Hills
The Guzman Family Torrey Hills
The Habib-Malek Family Torrey Hills
Leilani Hebert and Family Torrey Hills
Derek Hofmann and JianXin Shi Torrey Hills
Melissa and Christopher Jaramillo Torrey Hills
The Khandekar Family Torrey Hills
The Kim Family Torrey Hills
Larisa Konopleva Torrey Hills
The LeMoine Family Torrey Hills
Cal McCulley Family Torrey Hills
The Ondris Family Torrey Hills
The Pinney Family Torrey Hills
Riquelme Abiuso Family Torrey Hills
The Self Family Torrey Hills
The Soifer Family Torrey Hills
Jennifer Teuton Torrey Hills
The Tyler Family Torrey Hills
The Yu Family Torrey Hills
Anonymous (2) Torrey Hills

Investor Contributors $800-$999/student

Recognition School
The Bailey Family Ashley Falls
The Cai Family Ashley Falls
Aaron and Devra Davis Ashley Falls
The Deore Family Ashley Falls
The Dolinsky Family Ashley Falls
Shannon and Mark Feder Ashley Falls
The Hao Family Ashley Falls
The Harris Family Ashley Falls
Tim and Sharon Ashley Falls
The Huang Family Ashley Falls
Joe Ireland Ashley Falls
Hara Kanumuri Ashley Falls
Hobin Kim and Min Jung Kang Ashley Falls
Derek and Julie Laake Ashley Falls
The Lai Family Ashley Falls
The Handwerker Family Ashley Falls
Lindsey Family Ashley Falls
Daniela Martinez Ashley Falls
Shikha Mishra (Shibin) Ashley Falls
The Moselle Family Ashley Falls
Nguyen Nguyen Ashley Falls
The Paglia-Kirkpatrick Family Ashley Falls
Changhwan Park Ashley Falls
Lukacs-Patterson Family Ashley Falls
Li Qing Ashley Falls
Nicole Santos Ashley Falls
The Simkin Family Ashley Falls
The Slonim Family Ashley Falls
cara sprague Ashley Falls
Yingxiu Yu (Zhang) Ashley Falls
The Zakrzewski Family Ashley Falls
Jieling Zhu Ashley Falls
Anonymous (1) Ashley Falls
Mary Abad (Civit) Carmel Del Mar
Rafael and Katherine Arie Carmel Del Mar
The Bongale Family Carmel Del Mar
The Burak Family Carmel Del Mar
The Chen and Wang Family Carmel Del Mar
Yi-Ning Cheng (Krauth) Carmel Del Mar
Eugene Chew and Belle Sun Carmel Del Mar
The Garner Family Carmel Del Mar
Patrick and Shanna Collins Carmel Del Mar
The Duong Family Carmel Del Mar
Maple Fung and Connor Svendsen Carmel Del Mar
The Gobrans Carmel Del Mar
The Gill Family Carmel Del Mar
The Hangauer Family Carmel Del Mar
The Heinrichsen Family Carmel Del Mar
Thuy Tran and Thanh Ho Carmel Del Mar
Soyoon’s Family Carmel Del Mar
The Shaytay Family Carmel Del Mar
Ike Lin Carmel Del Mar
Jing Lu Carmel Del Mar
The Mackie Family Carmel Del Mar
Zachary and Yukiko Nalven Carmel Del Mar
Ndlovu-Uradnik Family Carmel Del Mar
The Otomo Family Carmel Del Mar
Stephanie Lie and Chris Palmer Carmel Del Mar
The Pany Family Carmel Del Mar
Marco Piacentini Carmel Del Mar
Amy (Harker) and Chris Rosskopf Carmel Del Mar
The Rusert Family Carmel Del Mar
The Xiang Family Carmel Del Mar
Guining Shi and Susan Ying Ma Carmel Del Mar
Seho’s Mom and Dad Carmel Del Mar
The Sprunt Family Carmel Del Mar
The Starling Family Carmel Del Mar
Florence Tiraby Carmel Del Mar
The Wang Family Carmel Del Mar
Yongle Wu and Daohong Yao Carmel Del Mar
Bike Xie Carmel Del Mar
Gang Yang and Karen (Ziyue) Jiang Carmel Del Mar
The Richert Family Carmel Del Mar
Yu Zhou Carmel Del Mar
Anonymous (2) Carmel Del Mar
Sunny and Sam Bernstein Del Mar Heights
The Bowen Family Del Mar Heights
Wenhsin Lee and Rahman D’Argenio Del Mar Heights
Robin and Esteban Alvarez Del Mar Heights
The Blake and Handley Family Del Mar Heights
Mia Jarvinen Del Mar Heights
The Lawsons Del Mar Heights
The Linehan Family Del Mar Heights
The Caldwell Family Del Mar Heights
J.C. and Ana Mauricia Del Mar Heights
Charles Mckee and Jun Wang Del Mar Heights
MedWatchers Inc. Seyed (Mendi) Saeidi and Bita Farrokhroo Del Mar Heights
The Sager Miao Family Del Mar Heights
Kyle and Beth Palla Del Mar Heights
Sandip Patel and Sheila Krishna Del Mar Heights
Gauri Deshpande and Narendran Rajan (Melethil) Del Mar Heights
Brett and Allison Wayne Del Mar Heights
The Wegner Family Del Mar Heights
The Weller Family Del Mar Heights
The Worley Family Del Mar Heights
Anonymous (4) Del Mar Heights
Christina Austin Del Mar Hills
Altman-Barash Family Del Mar Hills
Jason and Christine Battenfield Del Mar Hills
Brigid Sweeney Boland (Pettus) Del Mar Hills
The Caceres Family Del Mar Hills
The Cato Family Del Mar Hills
Alex C. Chan Del Mar Hills
The Tice Family Del Mar Hills
Meili-Chien Family Del Mar Hills
The Denomme Family Del Mar Hills
Art Dicker & Nicole Wong Del Mar Hills
The Gharbawy Family Del Mar Hills
The Gold Family Del Mar Hills
The Kahn Family Del Mar Hills
The Kirk Family Del Mar Hills
The Krummen Family Del Mar Hills
The Kuchinskys Del Mar Hills
The Lawsons Del Mar Hills
The Madigan Family Del Mar Hills
J.C. and Ana Mauricia Del Mar Hills
The Milchteim Family Del Mar Hills
The Mizrahi Family Del Mar Hills
Robert & Joelle Moussa Del Mar Hills
The O’Shea Family Del Mar Hills
The Mesick Family Del Mar Hills
The Pattons Del Mar Hills
The Quaas Family Del Mar Hills
The Farias Family Del Mar Hills
John Wayne Del Mar Hills
The Zaw Family Del Mar Hills
The Valamehr Family Ocean Air
Glenn and Annette Ambach Ocean Air
The An Family Ocean Air
Radu Berinde Ocean Air
The Bigler Family Ocean Air
Stephen and Patsy Bouzan Ocean Air
Dr. Ang Chen and Dr. Xu Han Ocean Air
Zhenhua and Le Chen Ocean Air
The Cheon Family Ocean Air
The Cheung Family Ocean Air
Weijung Chien and Peng Peng Ocean Air
Jia Verma Ocean Air
The Dong Family Ocean Air
Sara Frasier Ocean Air
The Gonzales Family Ocean Air
Poornima Srinivas Gowda Ocean Air
The Beryl and Peter’s Family Ocean Air
Sameer and Pradnya Gurjar Ocean Air
Hadi Family Ocean Air
The Hayes Family Ocean Air
The Jaconette Family Ocean Air
Sangsu Jin and Myeongju Kwon Ocean Air
Arumugam Kannan Ocean Air
The Kao Family Ocean Air
The Khan Family Ocean Air
Calvin and Curtis Kim Ocean Air
Evelyn Kim, Kim family and Sunju Park Ocean Air
The Davis Kim Family Ocean Air
The Kim and Haines Family Ocean Air
Sungyeon & Dayeon’s Family Ocean Air
The Ko Family Ocean Air
The Lam Family Ocean Air
Kwang Wu and Nari Lee Family Ocean Air
The Lee Family Ocean Air
Lim’s Family Ocean Air
Boyun and Yang Liu Ocean Air
The Lo Family Ocean Air
The Mashhoun Family Ocean Air
The Mika Family Ocean Air
The Neskin Family Ocean Air
Adam and Shawn Pappelbaum Ocean Air
The Ru Family Ocean Air
Anton Sbytov Ocean Air
The Sen Family Ocean Air
The Sharpee Family Ocean Air
The Tsai Family Ocean Air
The Turkeli Family Ocean Air
Tomoaki and Kyoko Ujiie Ocean Air
The Rull Family Ocean Air
The Vargas Family Ocean Air
The Vermani Family Ocean Air
The Wang Family Ocean Air
The Wu Family Ocean Air
Yanke Yu Ocean Air
Yuzhou Zhang and Olivia (Yan) Ren Ocean Air
The Zheng Family Ocean Air
Anonymous (3) Ocean Air
The Karthik Family Pacific Sky
Andrew Chen Pacific Sky
The Burke Family Pacific Sky
Xianfeng Yin and Jiangchuan Chen Pacific Sky
The Garg Family Pacific Sky
The Hattangadi Family Pacific Sky
The Simmelink Family Pacific Sky
The Joshi Family Pacific Sky
Kooros Family Pacific Sky
The Martin Family Pacific Sky
Maria Nguyen Pacific Sky
Ali Reza Rafigh Pacific Sky
The Regino Family Pacific Sky
Hossein Saadatmandi and Pam Sabet Pacific Sky
Family of Anya Finn Pacific Sky
Jungook and Eunjoo Shin Pacific Sky
The Song Family Pacific Sky
Stefan Thompson Pacific Sky
Waltz Family Pacific Sky
Wei Zhang and Yang Xia Pacific Sky
The Xue Family Pacific Sky
The Cheng Family Pacific Sky
Anonymous (1) Pacific Sky
The Arthur Family Sage Canyon
The Baek Family Sage Canyon
The Borrell Family Sage Canyon
The Braund Family Sage Canyon
The Chang Family Sage Canyon
Michael and Kristen Chang Sage Canyon
Bryan and Karen Chen Sage Canyon
The Chong Family Sage Canyon
The Comer Family Sage Canyon
Megha Daga Sage Canyon
Tina and Amir Khatami Sage Canyon
Christine Gelin Sage Canyon
The Giering Family Sage Canyon
The Anand Family Sage Canyon
The Hernani Family Sage Canyon
Dan and Melissa Janowick Sage Canyon
Egan’s Family Sage Canyon
The Knox Family Sage Canyon
The Koeppen Family Sage Canyon
Jozef and Manoela Kruger Sage Canyon
The Lee Family Sage Canyon
The Long Family Sage Canyon
The McIntyre Family Sage Canyon
Matthew Morris Sage Canyon
The Narayan Family Sage Canyon
Taganov-Narezkina Family Sage Canyon
Jeremy and Nina Orr Sage Canyon
The Davis Family Sage Canyon
The Pavliuchenkov Family Sage Canyon
Perilman Family Sage Canyon
Joshua Pham’s family Sage Canyon
Michael Lucius Pomerantz Sage Canyon
The Rosenbaum Family Sage Canyon
Tripti Roy Sage Canyon
The Rubens Family Sage Canyon
The Dring Family Sage Canyon
The Scott Family Sage Canyon
The Sharma Family Sage Canyon
Stephen Thomas Sage Canyon
Amena Usmani Sage Canyon
Nicole Wilde Sage Canyon
Xin, Yanchun (Zhang) Sage Canyon
Arthur and Alice Yu Sage Canyon
The Zambon Family Sage Canyon
Jia Fei and Yuxin Zhou Sage Canyon
Anonymous (1) Sage Canyon
The Abrams Family Sycamore Ridge
The Balci Family Sycamore Ridge
The Choi Family Sycamore Ridge
The Chou Family Sycamore Ridge
Hyeseung Chung Sycamore Ridge
Jane and Patrick Conlin Sycamore Ridge
The Family of Cylas Sinclair Sycamore Ridge
Kyunghyun Kim Sycamore Ridge
The Peters Family Sycamore Ridge
The Lake Family Sycamore Ridge
The Reade Family Sycamore Ridge
Stephanie and Jack Rubin Sycamore Ridge
The Ye Family Sycamore Ridge
The Gupta and Srivastava Family Sycamore Ridge
The Benjamin’s Family Sycamore Ridge
The Ariannejad Family Torrey Hills
The Swami Family Torrey Hills
Junghoon and Jungin Choi Torrey Hills
The Dantsker Family Torrey Hills
The Goodman Family Torrey Hills
The Gordon Family Torrey Hills
Samith Hatkar and Family Torrey Hills
The Hemmert Family Torrey Hills
The Khandelwal Family Torrey Hills
Min Seung (Ryan) & Minseo (Lina) Kim Torrey Hills
The LaSala Family Torrey Hills
The Lee Family Torrey Hills
Art & Mindy Lewis Torrey Hills
The Morrison Family Torrey Hills
Logan and Spencer Bonato Torrey Hills
The Salas Family Torrey Hills
The Sarva Family Torrey Hills
Andrew and Elenor Su Torrey Hills
The Torrado Family Torrey Hills
The Trumbore Family Torrey Hills
Brian Victor and Sakiko Furukawa Torrey Hills
The Xu Family Torrey Hills
Anonymous (1) Torrey Hills
Collaborator Contributors $600-$799/student  
Recognition School
The Bazzi Family Ashley Falls
The Brooks Family Ashley Falls
Andrew Cunningham and Jie Li Ashley Falls
The Declercq Family Ashley Falls
The Sazegar Family Ashley Falls
Qingdong Deng and Haitao Zhao Ashley Falls
The Ficicchy Family Ashley Falls
Hyejin Han (Chae) Ashley Falls
The LaBuzetta Family Ashley Falls
The Simkin Family Ashley Falls
Kavitha Thyagarajan (Narayanan) Ashley Falls
The Wall Family Ashley Falls
Liang Wang and Fan Yang Ashley Falls
The Wong Family Ashley Falls
The Zheng Family Ashley Falls
The Agarwal Family Carmel Del Mar
Gerardo Barrientos Carmel Del Mar
Ralf Brunner Carmel Del Mar
Mr. Cho and Mrs. Choi Carmel Del Mar
Jason Greenbaum and Joyclyn Yee-Greenbaum Carmel Del Mar
Dana Greene Carmel Del Mar
The Ihlstrom Family Carmel Del Mar
Avery’s Family Carmel Del Mar
Georgia and Loucas Koutoufidis Carmel Del Mar
Mihaela Kubasta Carmel Del Mar
The Lei Family Carmel Del Mar
The Li Family, Tina and George Li Carmel Del Mar
Heather Martinez Carmel Del Mar
Andrew Rodriguez and Sarah Piloto Carmel Del Mar
Jessica Rubic Carmel Del Mar
Ian Bui and Stephen Bui Carmel Del Mar
Stephanie Van de Ven (Tabakman) Carmel Del Mar
The Wen Family Carmel Del Mar
Ryan Wheat Carmel Del Mar
Anonymous (1) Carmel Del Mar
The Coles Family Del Mar Heights
Darielle Deicas Del Mar Heights
The Gedulin Family Del Mar Heights
The Hunt Family Del Mar Heights
Jennifer LaBatte Del Mar Heights
Joel Rosenberg and Sharon Israeli Del Mar Heights
The Seaman Family Del Mar Heights
The Seefeld Family Del Mar Heights
Susannah Stern and John Cronin Del Mar Heights
The Angelov Family Del Mar Hills
The Gallasch Family Del Mar Hills
Angela Harrington Del Mar Hills
The Denk Family Del Mar Hills
Angela Shue Del Mar Hills
The Agrawal Family Ocean Air
Sophia Cao and Jessica Cao Ocean Air
The Farhadzadeh Family Ocean Air
The Karavidas Family Ocean Air
The Kelton Family Ocean Air
Mr. and Mrs. Liu Ocean Air
The Moorefield Family Ocean Air
Xiaojiao Zang and Lijun Hu Ocean Air
The Zhang and Li Family Ocean Air
The Arla Family Pacific Sky
The Asmar Family Pacific Sky
Andrea Cunningham Pacific Sky
Theodore Kim and Kaiden Kim Pacific Sky
The Nguyen Family Pacific Sky
The Toyama Family Pacific Sky
The Cao Family Sage Canyon
The Civello Family Sage Canyon
The Gandhi Family Sage Canyon
The Koelbl Family Sage Canyon
The Lee Family Sage Canyon
Gang (Steve) Liu and Ning Li Sage Canyon
Amy and Kevin Merrill Sage Canyon
Katelyn Morgan Sage Canyon
The Paulsen Family Sage Canyon
The Samadi Family Sage Canyon
The Bowers Family Sycamore Ridge
The Hegde Family Sycamore Ridge
The Klaristenfeld Family Sycamore Ridge
Sarah Mariuz Sycamore Ridge
Stephanie Moreau Sycamore Ridge
Anthony Chang and Mildred Yi Torrey Hills
The Poplawsky Family Torrey Hills
The Jadali Family Torrey Hills
Jun Jiang Torrey Hills
The Kim Family Torrey Hills
Mike Prothero Torrey Hills
The Qiu Family Torrey Hills
Kate Yeo Torrey Hills
Can Zhao Torrey Hills
Anonymous (1) Torrey Hills

Developer Contributors  $400-$599/student

Recognition School
The Altschul Family Ashley Falls
Walton Chan Ashley Falls
The Cho Family Ashley Falls
The Choi Family Ashley Falls
Jane Dai ( Biddle) Ashley Falls
The David Family Ashley Falls
The DeGrand Family Ashley Falls
The Dorfman Family Ashley Falls
The Driscoll Family Ashley Falls
Allyson and Adam Evans Ashley Falls
The Gong Family Ashley Falls
The Gynther Family Ashley Falls
Baohu Ji Ashley Falls
Patricia Juang Ashley Falls
Shai and Julie Kalansky Ashley Falls
The Katsell Family Ashley Falls
Lida Lomont Ashley Falls
Kris Lukauskis (Campbell) Ashley Falls
The Morgan Family Ashley Falls
The Pascual Family Ashley Falls
Marlowe Pelochino Ashley Falls
The Rose Family Ashley Falls
The Steele Family Ashley Falls
Jefferson Stone and Shannon Turk-Stone Ashley Falls
Drs. Justin and Jasmine Tan Ashley Falls
The Wang & Tuo Family Ashley Falls
The Yang Family Ashley Falls
The Yeh Family Ashley Falls
Anonymous (1) Ashley Falls
Katie Addis Carmel Del Mar
Richard Allen and Carolyn Mazzitelli Carmel Del Mar
Miriam Altmann-Barry (Groch) Carmel Del Mar
Yasmine Bijan (Wilson) Carmel Del Mar
Yen-Te Cheng and Ariel Yenyi Su Carmel Del Mar
The Chung Family Carmel Del Mar
Michelle Cowell Carmel Del Mar
Robert and Suzanne Davidson Carmel Del Mar
Itisha Deokar Carmel Del Mar
The Ghahramani Family Carmel Del Mar
Jenny Gizzi Carmel Del Mar
Xianghui Guo Carmel Del Mar
Seungphil Hong Carmel Del Mar
Richard Huang (Lien) Carmel Del Mar
The June Family Carmel Del Mar
David and Miriam Kidwell Carmel Del Mar
Hayeon Kim Family Carmel Del Mar
Sangyub Kim and Alicia Yun Kwon Carmel Del Mar
Jee hee Lee (Kang) Carmel Del Mar
Xiqian Luo (Zeng) Carmel Del Mar
Federico Maggi and Valentina Cartaregia Carmel Del Mar
Caleb McCanne Carmel Del Mar
The Moriarty Family Carmel Del Mar
Rohit and Deepa Naik Carmel Del Mar
The Giang-Nguyen Family Carmel Del Mar
Lorenzo Nigro Carmel Del Mar
Matthew Oborne Carmel Del Mar
Jedy Kim Carmel Del Mar
Erin Price Carmel Del Mar
Karen Sahakyan and Lilit Ghochikyan Carmel Del Mar
Nick Silveira Carmel Del Mar
Albert Su Carmel Del Mar
The Sugimae Family Carmel Del Mar
Varghese Carmel Del Mar
The Walker Family Carmel Del Mar
Minxiu Wang and Fernando Grigera Carmel Del Mar
Betty (Weihua) Wu (Chang) Carmel Del Mar
Chao Yan (Zheng) Carmel Del Mar
Yue (Amelia) Liu (Zan) Carmel Del Mar
The Lirui’s Family Carmel Del Mar
Anonymous (2) Carmel Del Mar
Dayanna Balandran Del Mar Heights
The Blair Family Del Mar Heights
Carla Brown Del Mar Heights
The Carson Family Del Mar Heights
The Chavez Family Del Mar Heights
The Gabele Family Del Mar Heights
The Gallagher Family Del Mar Heights
Nicole Hurst (Reynolds) Del Mar Heights
The Jamal Family Del Mar Heights
The Krems Family Del Mar Heights
Nathan and Angie Lee Del Mar Heights
Tun Li Del Mar Heights
Christian Ludwig Del Mar Heights
Mark and Jennifer Maggenti Del Mar Heights
The Marlin Family Del Mar Heights
Rachel McCandless Del Mar Heights
The Milligan Family Del Mar Heights
Amit Paz Del Mar Heights
Ian Phillip Del Mar Heights
The Phillips Family Del Mar Heights
The Ribner Family Del Mar Heights
The Ries Family Del Mar Heights
Anonymous (1) Del Mar Heights
Bree Beauchamp (Goldberg) Del Mar Hills
Cardenas Vergani Del Mar Hills
The Pappas-Davidson Family Del Mar Hills
The Davis Family Del Mar Hills
The Diaz Valdes Family Del Mar Hills
The Gallagher Family Del Mar Hills
The Hafner-Victors Family Del Mar Hills
John Ikazaki (Center) Del Mar Hills
Young Min Kim Del Mar Hills
Scott and Jamie Kintz Del Mar Hills
The Krauss Family Del Mar Hills
Xiaohan Liu Del Mar Hills
Kristin Maloof Del Mar Hills
The Marinkovich Family Del Mar Hills
Felipe Lee Montiel Del Mar Hills
The Burg Murray Family Del Mar Hills
Pedro Paro (Landsberger) Del Mar Hills
The Ratnayaka Family Del Mar Hills
The Studer Family Del Mar Hills
The Taddonio’s Del Mar Hills
The Tan Family Del Mar Hills
The Yang Family Del Mar Hills
The Arnold Family Ocean Air
Carre & Daniel Copeland Ocean Air
Kate Daniel Ocean Air
The Gardality Family Ocean Air
Ray and Kate Hong Ocean Air
Kristine Huynh Ocean Air
Kamdar Family Ocean Air
The Kohrumel Family Ocean Air
Ram Krishnan and Marie Frunzi Ocean Air
Imanuel Lerman and Natasha Surette Ocean Air
X. Li Family Ocean Air
The Li Family Ocean Air
The Li Family Ocean Air
Pangao Liao Ocean Air
Fred & Zhenzhen Ocean Air
Cathy Liu Ocean Air
Carlos Manuel Llamas Beltran Ocean Air
Brian and Nasim Mason Ocean Air
Alexandra McVeigh Ocean Air
Carie Montesa Ocean Air
The Morgan Family Ocean Air
The Shin Family Ocean Air
Anushka Shah Ocean Air
Rubaiyat Quasem Ocean Air
Remple Ocean Air
Joe Salvatore Ocean Air
Gabi Sarkis Ocean Air
Hugo Swart Ocean Air
Fred Thate and Jen Yu Ocean Air
The Wang & Tuo Family Ocean Air
Shannon White (Swanson) Ocean Air
Chungen Wu and Hui Guo Ocean Air
Mrs Liang Ocean Air
Kylie Wyatt Ocean Air
Di Zhang and Li Liu Ocean Air
The Xie Family Ocean Air
Anonymous (4) Ocean Air
The Aliasiuk Family Pacific Sky
Margis Balasubramaniam Pacific Sky
Cynthia Bankston Pacific Sky
The Batiller Family Pacific Sky
Benjamin Carson Pacific Sky
Shang Chih Chuang Pacific Sky
The Clifford Family Pacific Sky
Jeffrey and Nurzedmaa DeVine Pacific Sky
The Dong Family Pacific Sky
David Gutglass and Sandra Hidalgo Mora Pacific Sky
Rosalind Hurvitz Pacific Sky
Hui Jin Pacific Sky
Paul and Diana Kim Pacific Sky
Suhee Kim and Sang jae Lee Pacific Sky
The Kim Family, Hyunggyu (Henry), Kim and Minchan (Kevin) Kim Pacific Sky
Tae Hee Kim Pacific Sky
Sangmoon Lee Pacific Sky
Samia Madarani (Helou) Pacific Sky
The Malik Family Pacific Sky
Chelsea Moore Pacific Sky
The Mu Family Pacific Sky
Tony Nguyen and Paulina Pham Pacific Sky
Operana-Miller Family Pacific Sky
Bill and Shannon Quintana Pacific Sky
Dina and Ahmed Sadek Pacific Sky
Jeffrey Schmidt and Christina New Pacific Sky
Mahadevan Srinivasan (Dev) Pacific Sky
Harish Subramony (Iyer) Pacific Sky
Fareha Suleiman Pacific Sky
The Sun Family Pacific Sky
Jay Kumar Sundararajan (Jaykumar) Pacific Sky
Tran Tran (Rountree) Pacific Sky
The Bartlett Family Sage Canyon
The Berkley Family Sage Canyon
The Brandt Family Sage Canyon
The Britton Family Sage Canyon
The Cheung Family Sage Canyon
The Cohen Family Sage Canyon
Connor Collins Sage Canyon
Shengshan Cui Sage Canyon
The Elia Family Sage Canyon
The Ellinghaus Family Sage Canyon
Heather & Michael Epstein Sage Canyon
Espinoza Family Sage Canyon
Alok Garg Sage Canyon
The Ryan Family Sage Canyon
The Gormley Family Sage Canyon
The Hang Family Sage Canyon
The Hasenin Family Sage Canyon
Xiaopeng Huang and Huae Lei Sage Canyon
The Jacobsen Family Sage Canyon
Lea Javadi Sage Canyon
Chris and Vicki Jhang Sage Canyon
Jacklyn Lee Sage Canyon
The Matsuda Family Sage Canyon
James and Julia McNally Sage Canyon
Erika McHale & Josh Myers Sage Canyon
Lauren and Paul Niehaus Sage Canyon
The Ortega Family Sage Canyon
The Proshkin Family Sage Canyon
Christopher Schmickl and Raj Dhokarh Sage Canyon
The Sherman Family Sage Canyon
Ethan Kohannim Family Sage Canyon
Kamla and Todd Tilley Sage Canyon
Sakya Tripathy and Preeti Goel Sage Canyon
The Sumesh Family Sage Canyon
The Audia Family Sage Canyon
Farhang Vahabi Sage Canyon
Mark Wadrzyk (Wa) Sage Canyon
The Whites Sage Canyon
Sheng Yuan and Linglin Tian Sage Canyon
The Zhou Family Sage Canyon
Anonymous (1) Sage Canyon
The Arora Family Sycamore Ridge
The Bailey Family Sycamore Ridge
The Bao Family Sycamore Ridge
The Blair Family Sycamore Ridge
Onne Kim Sycamore Ridge
The Eastridge Family Sycamore Ridge
Jared and Dawn Giangiulio Sycamore Ridge
Shai and Julie Kalansky Sycamore Ridge
Sophie & Luna’s parents Sycamore Ridge
Jonathan Zhang Sycamore Ridge
The Bitdinger-Mann Family Sycamore Ridge
Viacheslav Pecherskiy  and Yulia Shchepeleva Sycamore Ridge
The Purcell Family Sycamore Ridge
The Song’s Sycamore Ridge
Richard and Subha Townsend Sycamore Ridge
The Turksu Family Sycamore Ridge
The Yan and Li Family Sycamore Ridge
Pengbei Zhang Sycamore Ridge
Anonymous (2) Sycamore Ridge
The Adelizzi Family Torrey Hills
The Bao Family Torrey Hills
Karthik Bhogaraju and Padmini Bhogaraju Torrey Hills
Joungho Cho and HeeJoo Ham Torrey Hills
Lena David Torrey Hills
The Gong Family Torrey Hills
Ying Jiao (Chen) Torrey Hills
The Kapoors Torrey Hills
The Ko Family Torrey Hills
Kanako Kohama Torrey Hills
The Jennie Family Torrey Hills
Cindy (Xinhue) Li Torrey Hills
Goutam Mondal Torrey Hills
Mohamed Omran Torrey Hills
Holly Palmer Torrey Hills
Jennifer Paulsen (Heale) Torrey Hills
The Piliugin Family Torrey Hills
John Quenzer Torrey Hills
Nayna and Vishal Shah Torrey Hills
Patrick Simon Torrey Hills
Susan Solimine (Nguyen) Torrey Hills
The Xiao Family Torrey Hills
Shawn Yin and W.Chen Torrey Hills
Anonymous (1) Torrey Hills