Board of Directors

The DMSEF Board consists of parent-volunteers who are passionate about creating the best possible education opportunities for our children. By communicating the financial need to parents and the community at large and by working with the district, principals, teachers, and PTAs, they make a significant difference in the quality of education that our children receive.

2020 to 2021 DMSEF Board of Directors

Phoebe Gardiner Katsell – President and Chairman Ashley Falls Email
Jen Holder – Treasurer Ocean Air Email
Rupa Singh – Secretary Torrey Hills, Launch Email
Annik Whittle – Vice President Communications Ocean Air Email
David Evans – Vice President Marketing Carmel Del Mar Email
Viva Elia – Vice President Fundraising Strategies Sage Canyon Email
Veronica Ford – Director Carmel Del Mar Email
William Rhett – Director Del Mar Heights Email
Jennifer Maggenti – Director Del Mar Heights Email
Becky Ferdman – Director Del Mar Hills Email
Jenny Galan – Director Del Mar Hills Email
Katrin Engel – Director Sage Canyon Email
Sandra Pfeiffer – Director Sycamore Ridge, Launch Email
Katie Zhang – Director Sycamore Ridge Email