Carmel Del Mar 2021-22

2021-22 Fundraising Goal for STEAM+

DMSEF’s annual goal is to raise $1.4 million to help fund the STEAM+ teachers in our school district. Our mission is important to every student. Since the State of California does not provide funding for STEAM+ teachers in elementary school, DMSEF works in partnership with our district to fund STEAM+ teachers at all eight schools. Based on enrollment at the start of this school year, Carmel Del Mars’ portion of DMSEF’s fundraising goal is $219,303. With your help this year, we can reach 100% funding for our STEAM+ credentialed specialists who provide robust and engaging instruction for students in the arts, science, physical education and interdisciplinary learning. Click here to learn more about the exceptional STEAM+ teachers at Carmel Del Mar and in our entire district.

DMSEF will hold two fundraisers this year: a Fall Giving Campaign and a Jogathon in early Spring 2022. Contributing the recommended amount of $800 per student per year, or an amount that is meaningful to your family, ensures that our extraordinary STEAM+ program can continue in the next school year.

Thanks to the generous support of families, friends, employers and community partners, DMSEF raised $1.22 million last year. Carmel Del Mars’ fundraising goal last year was $216,334 and we were able to raise $156,324, or 72% of our goal, with 56% of Carmel Del Mar families contributing. On behalf of DMSEF, we thank you for supporting your child’s education.


Percentage raised: 82% as of May 24, 2022

Help Carmel Del Mar Reach Our 2021-22 Goal!