ESC Programs

The Extended Studies Curriculum (ESC) program provides instruction in subjects other than the standard reading, writing and arithmetic. These include the 5 main subject areas of Music, Art, Science, Technology and Physical Education but can also include other subjects such as Foreign Language study, Math Enrichment, Integrated Arts and Library. ESC classes in the Del Mar Union School District are taught by credentialed teachers and provide students with focused, hands-on instruction (outside of the homeroom class). During ESC classes the homeroom teacher also gets time to prepare lesson plans and tailor classes for students.

Only about half of the funding for the ESC programs come from the state and local government, the rest of the money is raised through the DMSEF, largely from parent contributions. Due to state and local budget problems, the funding for ESC programs has gone down recently. It is up to us to “close the gap” with contributions, so our school’s ESC programs can continue at previous levels.

The Del Mar Union School District allocates ESC resources to schools based on student enrollment. The schools are able to spend their ESC resources the best they can, but due to limited resources, some ESC programs can be cut at some schools. Some schools have decided to spend their resources on a music program, some have a half time art teacher, some have a full PE program. A few schools have enough students, and therefore get enough ESC resources, that they can have more than a few ESC programs. It is the goal of the DMSEF to raise enough money that all our schools can have a full ESC program.