Why You Should Contribute

Why You Should Contribute

The Extended Studies Curriculum (ESC) program provides credentialed teachers in Science, Music, Art, Technology and Physical Education. These
are important subjects for our children!

However, in these challenging economic times,
California public schools are getting squeezed. State budget cuts over the past 10 years have made it necessary to rely on parent contributions to fully fund our ESC program. In the Del Mar Union School District, the salaries for ESC teachers are funded in part by your contributions to the DMSEF.

Every student in our district benefits from the ESC
program, so we ask that every family help pay for the cost of these valuable programs. A full ESC program requires parent contributions of $800 per child. While $800 per student is the suggested contribution, please contribute what you can. Contributions at any level are both needed and appreciated.

Your contribution is a lasting investment in our school District and our children, with long-term results. Without sufficient contributions, the ESC program will go away.

The ESC program enhances the core curriculum by giving students new and unique ways to develop their own ideas. The DMSEF’s sole function is to raise the necessary funds that support a complete
ESC program. Your contribution
will ensure this critical program
stays intact.


Understanding science helps kids appreciate and relate to the world around them.



Music stimulates a child’s developing brain, fostering creativity and problem solving.



Technology gives students unique and new ways to
develop their ideas. Our children have opportunities to create and implement their writings and art work through videos, slide presentations, and print media projects.



The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer. In the arts, it is judgement rather than rules that prevail.

Physical Education

Through athletic skill lessons, fitness games, and cooperative activities, students learn the physical, emotional, and social aspects of life skills crucial to the development of a well-rounded child.


Ways To Contribute

We have made it convenient for you to make the suggested $800 contribution per student. Here are your options:

By Mail: You can send in your one time contribution in the DMSEF contribution envelope.

Online: You can make a one time payment of $800 or set up a recurring monthly payment schedule of $67 per student.


Corporate Match

Many companies match the charitable contributions made by their employees. Check with your company’s Human Resources department and find out if they
offer gift matching or you can check online at
www.DMSEF.org to see if your company is listed.


Your Contribution Will Provide

• Salaries for Credentialed ESC Teachers:
Science, Music, Art, Technology, and Physical