For families who have raised $2,500 to $4,999 during the campaign year.

The Athwal FamilyAshley Falls School
The Carling FamilyAshley Falls School
Paul Falstad and Ann FrostAshley Falls School
The FrizzellAshley Falls School
The Katsell FamilyAshley Falls School
The Shih FamilyAshley Falls School
The Smith FamilyAshley Falls School
Nate and Maria LewisCarmel Del Mar School
Emily Welch and Mark MadsenCarmel Del Mar School
The Volk FamilyCarmel Del Mar School
Anonymous (2)Del Mar Heights School
Juliana and Ashish AbrahamDel Mar Heights School
The Amukele FamilyDel Mar Heights School
The Pappas-Davidson FamilyDel Mar Heights School
The Forrest FamilyDel Mar Heights School
The Linehan FamilyDel Mar Heights School
Elizabeth and Brian WilsonDel Mar Heights School
The Benitt FamilyDel Mar Hills Academy
The Bryson FamilyDel Mar Hills Academy
Sara and Craig JohnsonDel Mar Hills Academy
The Swagar FamilyDel Mar Hills Academy
Sonya and Kyle WilliamsDel Mar Hills Academy
Anonymous (1)Ocean Air School
Nour AbochamOcean Air School
Andy (Kung Ming) Chang and
Sharon (Tse Yin) Cho
Ocean Air School
Eric Empey and Ai QuachOcean Air School
The Kelton FamilyOcean Air School
The Kukreja FamilyOcean Air
The Pan FamilyOcean Air School
Adam and Shawn PappelbaumOcean Air School
The Prakash FamilyOcean Air School
Calogero Presti and Cecilia StagniOcean Air School
Wenge ShiOcean Air School
Girish and Reshma BhatSage Canyon School
The Clayton FamilySage Canyon School
Robert and Kelly DawsonSage Canyon School
Carolyn and Steven HawleySage Canyon
Kyle and Swee HubersSage Canyon School
Hari KadappaSage Canyon School
The Nguyen-Nomura FamilySage Canyon School
The Zabala FamilySage Canyon School
Younghwan KangSycamore Ridge School
David and Sakura LangSycamore Ridge School
The Murphy-Pruden FamilySycamore Ridge School
The Tsai FamilySycamore Ridge School
Jerry Zhao and Yi TangSycamore Ridge School
The Cohen FamilyTorrey Hills School
Vipul and Ketal GandhiTorrey Hills School
Eamon Kavanagh and
Deepa Setty-Kavanaugh
Torrey Hills School
Aamod and Shruti KhandekarTorrey Hills School
Stephen and Brigitte LaSalaTorrey Hills School
The Lee FamilyTorrey Hills School
The LeMoine FamilyTorrey Hills School
The Sarva FamilyTorrey Hills School
The Singh FamilyTorrey Hills School
Kirk and Soriany TaylorTorrey Hills School