Pledgestar School Links

Use the home school link below to register your student for Jogathon, make a contribution to support STEAM+ and win awesome prizes! A full list of individual, class and school prizes is detailed on each school’s Pledgestar site. *Note Launch families, please register at your homeschool/school your student(s) would/is attend, and not your Launch teachers school.

How do I make a donation on my child’s page?

You can scroll to the bottom of the page once you login and click on the share link that will take you to the donation/payment section.  You can also email yourself and then click on the link from your email.

New to PledgeStar? Don’t worry, click HERE for a video tutorial on how to register.
-Parents can help their child(ren) create their own personal webpage and email out pledge requests.
-Families only have to sign up once no matter how many children are participating. This way, donors receive one pledge request, and can make a single secure donation for all the children. Parents can see all pledge activity from their family page, including how the donations were split for each child.
-Parents will need to send an email to themselves using Pledgestars “Add Family & Friends” if they would like to donate to their childs Jogathon page.
-We kindly ask that students avoid collecting cash or check donations this year due to the pandemic.