Sage Canyon

2020-21 Fundraising Goal for STEAM+

Our DMSEF fundraising goal for STEAM+ this year is $199,637.  By meeting our goal this year, we can ensure a STEAM+ program that is just as strong if not stronger for 2021-22 when all of Sage Canyon students will be back in school together.  With our dynamic STEAM+ program, we are inspiring our students to reach beyond the ordinary and do extraordinary things.  Your support of $800/student (as a one-time donation or monthly installments) helps us keep our exceptional STEAM+ teachers for next year. Donate Here.

DMSEF will have 3 fundraisers this year – our Fall campaign, our Spring Jogathon and our Close the Gap campaign in May.   All contributions will be cumulative and counted for Spring fundraising prizes. Check back later for more details on our Spring fundraiser information.

Thanks to your donations last year, DMSEF raised over $1.2 Million!
Our Sage Canyon 2019-20 Fundraising Goal for STEAM+ was $270,823.  We raised a total of $223,922 with 62% of Sage Canyon families contributing, even with schools closing prior to completing our Spring fundraisers due to COVID-19.  Due to the generosity and support of our parents and DMUSD, Sage Canyon in-person and Launch families have fantastic STEAM+ teams this year.

To learn more about your incredible STEAM+ teachers, in-person Coyotes click here and Launch Coyotes click here and watch here. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Each school’s goal is based on their school’s enrollment as of 9/1/20. Launch program students’ fundraising dollars will be applied to their school of attendance for next year.  Working together, our Foundation’s goal is to fund 40% of DMUSD STEAM+ specialists’ salaries.


Percentage raised: 105% as of June 29, 2021