Why Contribute?

Since the enactment of Proposition 13, California has faced substantial declines in school funding. Based on Education Week’s January 2013 “Quality Counts” report, only one state spends less than California per student. DMUSD students are educated on nearly $10,000 less per student per year than some of the affluent East Coast and Midwest districts—that’s about $250,000 less per classroom!

Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF) was created to help address the gap between what the Del Mar and Carmel Valley families want for their children and what public funds can provide for students. The sole function of the DMSEF is to raise funds to help pay for credentialed teachers who specialize in STEAM+ subjects such as Science, Music, Art, Technology, and Physical Education. Without your contributions to the DMSEF, our students would attend very different schools.

Together, with your generosity and commitment to education, we will continue to ensure our children receive the best possible education.